Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Setup FAQ

How does it work? Is this legit?

You are getting a real plan from a reputable Canadian provider, Koodo, and your contract is between Koodo and yourself. Each month you receive your bill from Koodo.


The coverage must be pretty bad for $55/month, right?

Nope. Koodo is a subsidiary of Telus and you get access yo the same great LTE network and coverage.


Do I get to keep my current number?

Yes, you get to keep your current number.


I don’t have a current number. What do I do differently?

You will need a prepaid card set up with the number you want to have on your monthly account. We can purchase the prepaid sim card and set it up for you, for a $30 fee.


How long does the process take?

The timeline depends on the billing cycle you are assigned by Koodo, and can be anywhere from 2-12 days.


Can we meet in person?

It isn’t necessary to meet in person because everything is accomplished remotely/online, including the account setup, billing, and payment.


You must charge a fortune for setup!

Our setup fee is $99, payable via PayPal or e-transfer at the end.


Why do you need my username and password?

We need the username and password to your account in order to put your requested plan and phone number on it. If you are uncomfortable sharing your password, you can set a temporary password you use just with us.


Why do you need my old service account number and PIN?

We need the account number and PIN to your old mobile service provider in order to transfer your number. Without it, we are unable to show authorization.


Is my information secure?

Your information is stored privately in secure accounts protected by 2 factor authentication. After transferring your number, we recommend changing your password as an extra precaution.


What provinces do you service?

As long as you are able to get an Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, or Quebec phone number in the store, we will be able to help you.


Where are you located?

Our office is in Edmonton, Alberta.



Do-It-Yourself FAQ


What do I require to port in?

To port in you will require the account number, PIN on the account (if there is one), and the account holder name. If the account is under someone else’s name, you can port in from that number. Just explain the relationship in the additional info box.


How long does the port in process take?

The port in process usually takes about 5 minutes but it can take as long as 24 hours in extreme cases. If you do run into a problem, you can always call Koodo customer service and request assistance. Sometimes incoming calls might not work right away or your voicemail forwards to your previous carrier. Don’t panic, this resolves within 24 hours on its own.


How’s the coverage?

Koodo uses the same network as Telus, which is one of the best in Canada with wide availability and 4 G LTE-A.


I have multiple lines, can I port them all into one account and at the exact same time?

You can port in multiple lines onto one account, but you will need to do them one at a time, because you can’t do two exactly at the same time. If you like, you can also setup two accounts and link accounts together as well.


I am already with Koodo, is there anything I need to do differently to get this plan?

Yes. If you are already a Koodo monthly customer, you will need to transfer your phone number to a Koodo prepaid account before being able to transfer it to your new line. If you try to transfer the number directly from your first Koodo line to your second one, you might have to wait 10-30 days for the request to process.


I was lucky enough to get the plan with a QC number from Koodo store today, whats next?

If you got a QC phone number as well as the plan you want, there is no need to wait and you are able to transfer your number right away.


Do I need to give them a QC address at time of sign up?

We recommend against giving false information.


Do I need to have my own unlocked phone or can I get one from Koodo on a tab?

We recommend that you bring your own device or own it outright. But if you like, you can add a tab to your account after transferring your number.


I changed my number online but it’s not showing my own/new number under my name, why?

It takes a few minutes for the phone number change to appear in your account. If it hasn’t been updated yet, wait 20 minutes, sign out, clear your cookies, and sign back in.


I get the error: “We are unable to complete your request at this time. Phone number changes can only be completed once every 90 days through your online account”.

Wait until the next billing cycle (2-30 days), and this error will go away.